McConnell explaining why
he was "proud to support" gun control

The following is a list of
Republican Party of Kentucky County Organizations
that have censured Mitch McConnell

The Republican Party organizations in the counties listed below have each individually censured Mitch McConnell for his support and vote for the Democrat gun control legislation called "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act".

In particular, this legislation provides funding for states that pass and adopt red flag laws.

The platform of the Republican Party states clearly at the bottom of page 12, and top of page 13:

That is precisely what Red Flag laws do. They deprive individuals of their right to keep and bear arms without due process of law.

Each County has published their own censure, each of which was passed by a majority vote of their county or executive committee. Click on the county to view their censure document.

Boone County - contact Doug Bramer , email:

Butler County

Caldwell County

Campbell County

Floyd County

Hardin County

Jessamine County - contact Bob Barney, email:, phone (859) 552-4644

Marshall County - contact Malissa Ferguson, email:

Ohio County

In addition to the counties above, who specifically censured Mitch McConnell for his vote for the Democrat "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act", the following is a list of Republican Party of Kentucky County Organizations that had previously censured Mitch McConnell and have now AMENDED their previous censures to include McConnell's support and vote for the Democrat's gun contol legislation.

Breckinridge County

Hart County

Larue County

And finally, if your county has tabled a DRAFT censure document, and put it up for a yes or no vote, and the censure was DEFEATED by a majority of your County or Executive committee, then we will be happy to list you and your DRAFT/DEFEATED censure document.

NOTE: Some of McConnell's apologists are saying "look, they ONLY have a few counties" that have censured McConnell, and yet we know that there are Republican Party County chairs and vice chairs who will NOT permit the matter to come up in their meetings for a vote. We have learned that in one case 5 members of a county's governing committee submitted a "petition" for a meeting on that matter, and the chair refused to hold the meeting, in violation of the Rules of the Republican Party of Kentucky which say:

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